mermaids-out-of-water-deactivat said: Oh my god. you have grown up so much haha. Such a handsome man now!

breannafuckedyourbitch said: Lmao I thought you would never grow up and now you're sexy as fuck.

Thxx : )

errynlovee said: you have a submit button, what do you want people to submit to you, pictures of themselves or random shit?

Wutever y’all want!

prettykimmi said: why say you respond to all messages if you don't never get a hit up back

I’m srry sweetheart I’ve been real bizzy!

Komfortable at Skool 😜
Dressed komfortable today. 😜 (Taken with instagram)

Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Christmas Eve!!!
Kool kalm kollective kixx ; ) #swagg (Taken with instagram)